Red Team Training

Because red teaming is applied in multiple problem domains and for different reasons, effective red teaming methods must be flexible and support customization. Sandia’s IDART has developed multiple methods to both train its own red teams and help customers achieve better results with red teaming. IDART’s red team training courses include:

  1. Red Teaming For Program Managers (RT4PM™),
  2. The IDART™ Methodology: concepts and techniques of red team assessment, and
  3. Red Team Metrics: Enhancing red team assessment with risk analysis.

Red Teaming for Program Managers (RT4PM™) serves as an excellent introduction to red teaming and is useful for both sponsors of red teaming and red team members themselves. It provides a foundation to support effective dialogue between red teams and their sponsors, help establish a reasonable assessment structure to support sponsor interests, and help identify what deliverables would be expected.

The IDART™ Methodology is relevant especially to red team practitioners. The methodology provides a structured process within which red teams can systematically, and creatively perform assessments. The IDART method is our group’s core red team methodology.

Red Team Metrics reflects a recent process development to help red teams more effectively plan for, gather, analyze and report metrics in red team assessments. This training includes a new process for red teams to extend their adversary analyses with risk analysis, helping their sponsors better interpret assessment results and consider business impacts.

For maximum effectiveness, IDART recommends that the training be reviewed in the sequence identified above.

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